Dengue Fever Symptoms

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Dengue Fever Symptoms

Dengue Fever Symptoms – Dengue Fever is an arboviral infection caused by biting from a family of mosquitoes called as AEDES Mosquitoes. This infection is transmitted from an Infected Human Being to a Healthy Human Being.

Dengue Fever are of two types –

  1. Classical Dengue fever also known as “break bone” fever.
  2. Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) which is life threatening.

Dengue Fever Symptoms

Symptoms of Dengue Fever 

After bitten by the Mosquito carrying the Dengue Virus the incubation period ranges from 3 to 15 days  or sometime 5 to 8 Days , during these Days some of these common Sign & Symptoms start appearing.

symptoms-of-dengue-fever -Dengue fever symptoms

Transfer of Virus From Infected to Healthy Person

Symptoms Shown after Bitten by Dengue Mosquito 

  1. High Fever (Nearby 102 degrees Fahrenheit / 40 degrees Celsius)
  2. Headache
  3. Swollen Lymph Gland
  4.  Muscle & Joint pain
  5. Rashes
  6. Severe Pain Behind the Eyes
  7. Exhaustion
  8. Bleeding Gums
  9. Red Palms or Red Soles of Feets

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Symptoms of Dengue Fever  during itsPhase 

  1. Bleeding from Nose
  2. Abdominal Pain
  3. Excessive Vomiting
  4. Low Blood Platelets Count
  5. Blood Plasma Leakage
  6. Respiratory Distess
  7. Low Blood Pressure
  8. Problems with Lungs, Liver and Heart.


If u found any of these Sign and Symptoms immediately rush to your Doctor because Dengue is threatening to life and many people have been died due to this disease

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